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Friday, July 25, 2014


Hey all,
We are spending our second and final night in Vermont before we cross over to our home state of NH.
Yesterday we took the day "off." We rested and hung out with my Cousin Christina and her kids before leaving in the afternoon to bike the 20 miles to Middlebury. The ride was short but hilly. The views were gorgeous and the weather finally cooled down so we were happy despite the climbs. We reached Middlebury at a decent time and met up with my cousin Geoff's friend who graciously agreed to host us. We were able to enjoy a walk in historic Middlebury and grab a nice bite to eat before we slept in preparation for today.
Today we defeated Middlebury Gap. We were lucky enough to ride with Christina and her father in law. Even luckier (maybe), her husband, Peter, carried our panniers over the pass to Rochester where he retrieved his father and wife. We all ate lunch together before we said our goodbyes and Mom and I continued onward to South Royalton. Afterward, Mom and I couldn't stop talking about how great it was to have family join us on a leg of our journey, especially one that we had been facing with some apprehension. It made it so much easier and we are so thankful that they agreed to join us.
We are taking shorter days today and tomorrow because we realized that we were looking at Sunday as our grand finale day. My father has to work a 24 shift that day and would be unable to meet us and that simply would not do. Since we have plenty of time and are reluctant to see our trip come to an end we were more than happy to have an excuse to take our time. We are now most likely going to arrive on the more agreeable date of Monday. 
Well, although tomorrow is not going to be a particularly long day, it does have hills and we are going to get a good start on the day to avoid the heat. 

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