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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Last Night in Wisconsin

Hey everyone,
We are spending our last night in Wisconsin at the Cliff Heights State Park. The wind is keeping the bugs at bay for which we are very thankful as they have been bad. Tomorrow we will leave bright and early to get to Manitowac and the ferry that will take us across Lake Michigan. 
Two days ago we were in Northern Michagan where it looked at lot like Maine. There were lots of lakes and pine trees. Also there were some very paved nice bike paths that we were able to use. We ate lunch in the touristy yet cute Boulder Junction and then pedaled on to national forest campground in Hiles. The campground was nice but very buggy.
Yesterday we had quite the day. Due to limited camping opportunities, we opted to go for a century day with the promise of a luxurious Super 8. We even took a dirt/crushed stone tiny trail that was listed as a shortcut on our map. Perhaps of was a risky move, but it turned out to be fine- although a little slippery in places with our thin slick tires and loaded bikes. When we finally made it to the town on Shawana- 101 miles later- we were dead tired. We almost fell asleep in our margaritas at the Mexican place we ventured to for dinner.
Today we traveled through a landscape more inline with the mental image I had of Wisconsin before this trip. Lots of corn fields and LOTS of dairies. The smell of silage and cows permeates everything. Again, there are no campgrounds or even motels in these little towns. We had to venture 5 miles off route to this state campground and settle for being farther from Manitowac and the ferry than we had wanted. Oh well, the campground is beautiful and we will have no problem catching the ferry which leaves at two. We are excited to be back on eastern time and to arrive in our last new (as in never traveled to before) state. 

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