Trip Route

We will be following the Northern Tier route. To follow our day by day progress click on the trip progress link to the right. On that page is also a link to our cell phone tracking data so you can see exactly where we are.

About Us

Wendy Dropkin is a teacher at Waterville Valley Academy. She believes that "when your 23 year old daughter asks you if you would like to bike across the country, you say YES!" She feels blessed to have a daughter who is a best friend and has the same outdoor interests, let alone wants to spend two months with her mom. She is thankful to have a husband who always supports her crazy ideas.

Casey Dropkin is a Bates College graduate and is currently attending the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in Massachusetts from which she expects to receive her DVM in 2016. This upcoming summer is her last summer break ever and she decided to make it count. Biking cross country has always been one of her dreams. As an animal lover, future veterinarian, and daughter of a police officer she feels strongly that the dogs who serve alongside our officers deserve to be protected. She is thrilled that her family supports her dreams and that her mother has agreed to accompany her on this latest adventure.

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