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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hilly Days

Hello All,
We are splurging tonight on a motel in the cute little lake town of Mercer. The las few days have had their scattered showers but have been mostly beautiful although a little hot. We have been on lots of little back roads that wind their way around the region's numerous lakes. There have been a lot of little but steep hills. But every up comes with a down and the big turns make the downs especially fun.
Yesterday we spent the night in a small campground in Hayward where we met a nice couple who were generous enough to share some of their nicer than our ramen food. It hit the spot after a long hot day of riding. 
Today we had a shorter day to to limited places to stay in our target mileage. We ended up in the Mercer at about four thirty and took a much needed map before having a delicious dinner at the bar of a hopping restaurant. The bar tender, owner of the place, and fellow bar patrons where all very enthused by our trip. Meeting people and sharing storied is one of our favorite parts about this trip so we left the bar happy and full. Now we are back in our luxurious room which is completely devoid of mosquitoes and quieter than the packed for the holiday weekend campgrounds have been. We are going to take advantage of it and get a good night's rest.

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  1. Oh look its mamma bear on the bear bench !! I can barely contain my excitement. Lets hope that she doesnt ride bare backed tomorrow. New York state would never be the same

    Happy riding