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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Approaching the Finish Line

Hey all,
Wow! That's pretty much all Mom and I have been saying lately. We just can't believe that this trip is already coming to a close. It seems a bit surreal and we are both a bit sad to think of our trip ever being over.
Yesterday we made it to our home state of NH. We approached Lincoln on 112 from North Haverhill which was a new road to both of us. Our day was filled with steep ascents and we were pretty much drained when we reached the final descent into North Woodstock. Well, the 2 miles of 12% downhill made it all worth it. I hit 44 mph and was pretty much keeping up with the vehicle traffic. A teenage boy even filmed me out of the passenger side of his car while shouting that I was a bad ass. Thanks kid; I know. 
We ate dinner at the Woodstock Inn- the home of my favorite beer. It was a fantastic yet strange meal. We just couldn't get over being so close to home. We stayed the rainy night at my father's friend's place in Lincoln where we fell asleep right away, greatful for the comfortable beds and shelter.
Today we woke up bright and early to meet my dad for a quick hello. It wad great to see him after so long even if it was a short hi as he passed through on his way from Maine to NH for a 24 shift. Then we met even more familiar faces. Our friends Teese and Todd met us and Teese took my Mom's luggage to the top of the Kanc for her. Todd was kind enough to ride with and entertain us to the top of the pass where we met up with Teese. It was awesome to have some new company to take our minds off the climb and we are so thankful that they took the time to help us out. After we said goodbyes Mom and I made the descent into Conway and onward into Maine. We got caught in some very heavy rainfall but made it safe although drenched to Cornish where we are spending our last night luxuriously at an Inn due to thunderstorm warnings. Tomorrow believe it or not we are due to arrive at Cresent Beach mid afternoon. It will be quite a bittersweet moment.

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