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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Family in Crown Point

Hey everyone,
We have arrived on Crown Point where we are staying with my cousin Christina and her children at her in law's camp. We have had a hot and humid go of it the last two days but it looks like it is going to break tomorrow. 
Two days ago we pushed hard to make it to Old Forge and the promise of a hotel. We encountered the first of the Adirondacks but were rewarded with some pretty sweet downhills. Although the day was tough, it was definitely worth it once we made it luxury of the motel. We met a large group of supported cyclists and took their recommendation for dinner. The restaurant was a fantastic Italian place where we stuffed ourselves with pasta, wine, and desserts. We felt pretty satisfied as we strolled back to the our air conditioned room. 
Yesterday we got a later start but still put in a slow 60 or so miles to Russell Lake State Park over some hot and hilly terrain. We were pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful campground with well spaced out sites right on the lake. It was a nice break from the crowded parks we have been staying at lately.
Today was another really hot day with plenty of elevation. We took our time with the mileage and drank lots of water. After we ducked into a restaurant to weather a thunderstorm we made it to Crown Point and family. It is truly amazing to see familiar faces and relax a little. Tommorrow we are going to spend the morning with family before pedaling the 20 or so miles to the base of Breadloaf Pass so we can be as close as possible to it on Thursday. Ok, I need to get off the phone and pay some attention to cousins once removed.

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