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Friday, July 4, 2014

Halfway There! And in Wisconsin!

Hello all,
Today we reached to important landmarks: we crossed into Wisconsin and we hit 2,200 miles on the odometer which is our approximate halfway point. Overall, we are very excited and feel     like we are kicking some serious butt. We were also pleased to reach the halfway point on the Fourth of all dates. We had been thinking it might be sometime around the date but were astounded when it actually worked out.
The last two days have been beautiful: sunny and warm but not too hot. Yesterday we had some difficulty finding camping so settled to huck it seven miles off route to Wild River state park. The park was beautiful and very remote, although crowded. We were also kept up by a cunning raccoon who managed to unravel our strapped and rolled shut pannier and unscrew and eat our jar of peanut butter!
Today we strayed a little off route so we didn't have to zig and zag since we had camped so far off route. Our detour took us to Taylor Falls and St. Criox Falls where we in investigated the "Glacial Potholes" at Interstate Park. As 
far as we could tell, these were very large very cool holes natural ancient holes in the rocks. After satisfying our curiosity, we climbed the grueling hill out of the St. Croix River Valley. We rejoined our mapped route after lunch. After a lot of rolling hills (and reaching 2,200) we made it to the RV park in Heugen. The park is packed and full of friendly rednecks who think we are crazy for riding our bikes so far. Maybe we are, but we are having a blast and wouldn't have it any other way!

1 comment:

  1. an observation
    You look happy. Why is it ?
    You have so far been through rain, snow, wind, mud, tornado warnings,almost grizzley bear, viscous raccoon, dirty laundry, stinky people, flat tires and too many towns that I cant pronounce.
    Why then are you so upbeat and looking happy ?
    I assume that its because you are more than half way, you have settled into a rhythm, you know that many people are behind you, you are really enjoying seeing this country the way that few do, not to mention meeting real people along the way both on wheels and stationary.
    Wait, I know the real reason. Because east of the Mississippi, the states are smaller, you will cross more borders and have cause to celebrate more frequently. Pretty sure that I got it figured out now