Trip Route

We will be following the Northern Tier route. To follow our day by day progress click on the trip progress link to the right. On that page is also a link to our cell phone tracking data so you can see exactly where we are.

Trip Progress

Click here to see a map of our progress using Track My Tour

Here is the Detailed Breakdown of Our Trip
Numbers indicate (daily/total) distance traveled in miles
Day 1: Anacortes, WA to Sedro-Woolley, WA (30/30)
Day 2: Sedro-Woolley to Newhalem (66.5/97)
Day 3 Newhalem to Mazama (61.5/ 159)
Day 4: Mazama to Twisp (27/186)
Day 5: Twisp to Tonasket (66/253)
Day 6: Tonasket to Republic (43/297)
Day 7: Republic to Colville (64/361)
Day 8: Colville to Newport (87/449)
Day 9: Newport, WA to near Heron, MT (82/531)
Day 10: Heron Lake Koocanusa Campground (82/613)
Day 11: Lake Koocanusa to Fortine (65/678)
Day 12 Fortine to West Glacier (70/748)
Day 13: Glacier/ Going to the Sun day trip (40/788)
Day 14: Glacier (Lake McDonald Campground) to near Essex in snow/ sleet (31/819)
Day 15: Rest- torrential rain and snow (0/819)
Day 16: Near Essex to Cut Bank (83/902)
Day 17: Cut Bank to Hingham (95/997)
Day 18: Hingham to Dodson (111/1,108)
Day 19: Dodson to Glasgow (92/1,200)
Day 20: Glasgow to Circle (110/1,310)
Day 21: Cirlce to Wibaux (79/1,390)
Day 22: Wibaux, MT to near Dickinson, ND (73/1,463)
Day 23: Dickinson to Glen Ullin (55/1,517)
Day 24: Glen Ullin to Hazelton (99/1,616)
Day 25: Hazelton to Gackle (68/1,684)
Day 26: Gackle to Fargo (130/1,814)
Day 27: Fargo ND to Pelican Rapids MN (60/1,874)
Day 28: Pelican Rapids to Alexandria (77/1,951)
Day 29: Alexandria to outside of Little Rock (87/2,038)
Day 30: Little Rock to Wild River State Park (91/2,128)
Day 31: Wild River State Park, MN to Haugen, WI (76/2,203)
Day 32: Haugen to Hayward (78/2,282)
Day 33: Hayward to Mercer (66/2,348)
Day 34: Mercer to Hiles (91/2,439)
Day 35: Hiles to Shawano (101/2,540)
Day 36: Shawano to Cliff Heights State Park (77/2,617)
Day 37: Cliff Heights, WI to Manitowac, WI (ferry to Ludington, MI) (46/2,662)
Day 38: Ludington, MI to Le Roy, MI (76/2,739)
Day 39: Le Roy to Auburn (86/2,825)
Day 40: Auburn to Otter Lake (62/2,887)
Day 41: Otter Lake to East China (84/2,971)
Day 42: East China, MI to Port Stanley, Ontario (97/3,069)
Day 43: Port Stanley to Peacock Point (87/3,156)
Day 44: Peacock Point to 9 miles N Fort Erie (81/3,237)
Day 45: 9 miles N Fort Erie, Ontario to Holley, NY (78/3,315)
Day 46: Holley to Pultneyville (68/3,383)
Day 47: Pultneyville to Selkirk (76/3,459)
Day 48: Selkirk to Old Forge (81/3,540)
Day 49: Old Forge to Russell Lake State Park (68/3,608)
Day 50: Russell Lake State Park to Crown Point (60/3,668)
Day 51: Crown Point to Middlebury- "day off" (19/3,687)
Day 52: Middlebury to South Royalton (52/3,739)
Day 53: South Royalton, VT to Lincoln, NH (68/3,806)
Day 54: Lincoln, NH to Cornish, ME (69/3,875)
Day 55: Cornish to Crescent Beach State Park Cape Elizabeth Maine (39/3,914)

Trip Stats
Total Days: 55, Days Off: 1 Full, 2 half days
Average Miles per Day Including Days Off: 71
Average Miles per Day Not Including Days Off: 74
Casey's Flat Tire Count: 3
Wendy's Flat Tire Count:1


  1. You go girls! How are the saddles? You are in our prayers.
    God bless,

  2. my skies,fragrant breezes,singing larks and upside down hills,flocks of butterflies to follow you and gods cherubs surrounding grandma

  3. Congratulations on completing your first week and 500 miles! The pictures look awesome and I love the writeups-great job Casey!
    Keep on truckin!

  4. casey+wendy
    may you be blessed with muscles of steel and buns of of power,eyes of the peregrine falcon,the steely determination of a tiger on the prowl,and the placid calm of a browsing moose, and gods eternel care and blessings love mom

  5. NEWS FLASH FROM ANIAMAL PLANET............multiple recent sightings of bigfoot..saskwatch in montana DO NOT APPROACH but carefully observe and report to mom

  6. rules to remeber
    never pitch your tent over a prairie dog hole
    never pitch your tent over a geyser spout
    always in big sky country look up at night with awe and praise
    always listen for the joyful greetings of morning by the warblers and bluebirds
    always remember the constant surrounding love of your

  7. to "the flyers"1000 miles and your still flying! congrats .... from all the atrium prayers the grandmas plus father ken we've all worried and prayed you through glaciers weather and critters. now its off to the wide open spaces as you watch the glory of nature unfold and allow your spirits to be uplifted and warmed. god bless you both...grandma

  8. Hola chicas,
    Sounds like everything is going very well! I hope the weather cooperates and your trip continues to go smoothly! God bless you and keep you safe!

  9. Joy to the World - for the mountains and the plains, the grizzly and the antelope - for the coyote lullaby
    and the morning greeting of the meadowlark. we ask for His protective arms around you as a shield against the varmints - to and four legged and those that slither - against the saddle sore pain - against the tedium of pedaling,pedaling, and pedaling. let us rejoice in the endless beauty of our land. the passing of another time zone and the glorious opportunity for mother and daughter to support each other and bond ever closer.

    we are going to call this "mom's medical bulletin r' saddle soars

  10. My sister Shawn and my brother-in-law Jim met you two the other day on their ride coast-to-coast going west. They gave you our phone number. I just want to let you know you are very welcome to stay here as you travel thru Michigan (if you come thru our area). We are not official warm shower hosts, but welcome you never-the-less. We live on a gravel road, but we have a pickup truck and would be glad to give you and your bikes a ride the 3/4mile to our home from the paved road. We live 1 1/2 miles from Lake Huron about 5 miles north of Lexington, MI (east side of the thumb of Michigan). God be with you as you travel.

  11. did you know
    that your journey would evolve into a challenge to body mind and spirit
    that you would discover so many wonderful people
    that you would discover a new spirit and strength and determination
    that discoveries are made if we open our minds and hearts
    you had it in your inner beings to laugh your way through the rains and grind up the mountains
    that you would gain the growing admiration who in the beginning said they are crazy
    love from your greatest admirer
    mom and grandma

    1. Beautifully said and truly inspirational.

  12. you are discovering america from sea to shining sea
    as did lewis and clark you have discovered the purple mountain majesty the high glaciers and the majestic grizzly bears and fields of golden grain as did the charles ingalls family you discovered glowing meadows acres and piercing winds which challege both body and spirit plus rolling meadows which nourish and shield beautiful girls[cows of course]may god guide and protect you as you continue your journey of adventure and discovery love grandma and mom

  13. We will meet up with you ladies on Saturday 7-19, do you need anything from home?

  14. Hey Wendy and Casey,
    You girls are looking buff in your pictures! Great story about "your angel"! May He continue to guide and protect you for the rest of your trip! Can't wait to see you both on the Kank! Enjoy and God bless!

  15. ny state police are on high alert for: 2 female cyclists,believed to be armed and dangerous. approach with care,for they may possess: granola bars,whole grain cereals,sunblock and bottled water, follow the trail of cherry pits to apprehend them.
    love mom and grandma

  16. Vermont! Where grandma met Grandpa on a blind date on a and they fell in love. Your progress is amazinG! As I look at your trip map it appears you'll be biking past Waterville on your way to Bar Harbor.
    You must be feeling very proud of yourselves.

  17. to my girls..though the path ahead still involves mountains and challenges of rain and wind,i am so profoundly respectful of your grit and determination and inner strength that i know you will find at your journeys end with joy in your for humanity and a incredible sense of accomplishment. love mom and grandma

  18. girls:
    all the bands in new england are:
    tuning up their tubas
    tickling their tympanies
    doodling their drums
    puffing their piccolos
    hooting their horns
    all this in preperation for the grand entry to town
    the salutory greeting and hearty farewell and godspeed messages
    add a toot for me
    love mom and grandma