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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Getting Hilly Again

Hello there,
We are all settled in at the Selkirk Shore State Park where we are nestled right on the coast of Lake Ontario. Today was a long day of rolling steep hills which was a rude awakening after the flatness along the Erie Canal. We are in the second biggest fruit producing county in the country, however, so we are coming across many farm stands which keeps us happy. At one such stand we met a father/son team from Florida who are doing am Eastern section of the northern tier. It was great to talk to another parent/child duo and they even bought us some trail mix which was really sweet of them. Later today, we ventured a bit off route to have a picnic lunch at the Fair Haven Beach State park. It seemed like we were at the ocean, right down to the watchful seagulls who supervised our lunch.

Yesterday, met up with our friends the Hodges. They were on their way driving out west and were sweet enough to drive out of their way and say hi. It was very nice to see some familiar faces from home. Later, we encountered some afternoon drizzles and wore our raincoats for the first time in a while. Since the rain was picking up, we opted to stay with warm showers hosts Jim and Carol. Boy, did we make a good call. They were busy with am event at their marina, but still agreed to host us. We met them at said marina where we had dinner and met all their friends. Then they took us back to their beautiful old farmhouse, gave us some wine, and allowed us to do some desperately needed laundry. This morning they cooked us a delicious breakfast and sent us off showered and in clean close before they went to church. They had a busy weekend scheduled and we were very thankful and impressed that they took the time to take such great care of us. 
Well, that's about all the updates I have. It seems that we only have about five hundred or so miles left. We encountered the first Dunkin Donuts of the trip which is a sure sign of being on home turf. The going from here might be a bit slower than we have been accustomed to due to the Adirondack and White Mountains but we have made excellent time so far and have plenty of time before my classes start up.  

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