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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Through Ontario and in NY!

Hello all,
I am happy to write that we are now in NY! It is so hard to believe that we have about six hundred miles and about ten days left. 
Anyways, we had a blast in Ontario but were roaming so I couldn't post any updates. As we saw there were many campgrounds along Lake Erie, we decided to splurge for a cheap motel in Marine City before we crossed over. We had a delicious dinner right on the St. Claire River before heading to bed early.
We then woke up early and grabbed some coffee before taking the five minute ferry across the river to Ontario. We breezed through customs and spent the day pedaling toward Lake Erie. We ended up going 96 miles all the way to Port Stanley. We ended up camping with a fellow tourer who had also stayed at the same motel as us in Marine City. Funny enough, we are on the same mileage routine and including tonight have ended up at the same campground for four nights in a row! He is super nice and we are greatful for new company.
The next day we had a blast pedaling along Lake Erie and through all the little port towns. We also ate the offerings of numerous farm stands along the way. We were lucky enough to stay in a very quite campground under a gazebo within spitting   distance of Lake Erie.
Yesterday, we decided to get as close to the Canadian side of Niagria Falls so we could see them nice and early today. We were blessed with another beautiful day and the lake was beautiful! Overall, another great day.
Today we woke up early and made it the ten miles to Niagria Falls before all the busses arrived. We sat and head a coffee and took in the views. The morning was clear and we got an unobstructed view of the grand attraction. We then returned to the USA where we spent the day on a bike path along the aerie Canal. Although the gravel path made for slow going, the day remained beautiful and we really couldn't complain. We even got to see the locks in action at Lockport, so hey. 
Tonight we are camping right on the canal off the bike path with a bunch of other bikers. Although Mom and I are getting along great, we appreciate new people to talk with. It is especially fun to hear other cyclist's stories and experiences on the road.
Well, it's been a long day and I am ready to go to bed so I'll leave it at that. 

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