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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Week One Under Our Belts

It is hard to believe that we have already been riding for a week! The last few days have been filled with great weather and challenging yet beautiful mountain passes.
We went over the Loup Loup pass on our way from Twisp to Tonasket. It was amazing to feel the weather change once we were over the pass. It got pretty darn hot as the day went on and we were very thankful for the use of hostess Ivetta's cool house.
Our trip to from Tonasket to Republic was not that long bit after climbing up Wauconda Pass we decided it was best to rest before attempting Sherman Pass which begins right after Republic. So we wondered around the mining town of Republic and had some milkshakes before heading to Hostess Diane's house. There we enjoyed a lovely homecooked meal and glass of wine on her back porch enjoying the warm weather and gorgeous view.
Today we left Republic early and climbed Sherman Pass under a welcomed cloud cover. It was quite chilly on the descent and it even drizzled enough for us to put on the rain gear. I managed to get a flat (boo). We ate a late lunch  in Kettle Falls after enjoying the views of the Columbia River on the way into town. Then we pushed on to Colville where we got our chains checked and ate a massive amount of pizza. With full bellies we slugged up 3 miles to the Bacon Bike  Hostel. Owner/host Barry stopped down to see us and after some conversation left us for some welcomed rest. Anyways, that's all for now. Tomorrow we hope to get right to the Washington border. Then onward to Idaho!

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