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Thursday, June 26, 2014

North Dakota

We are finally in North Dakota! We had two very tough days of headwinds and intermittent rain that definitely tested our spirits. We made it to Wilbeax the first day after deciding to push in after a late lunch in Glendive. While in a Glendive we met Michael who is riding east to west and also uses Track my tour. He found our blog and had been on the lookout for us. Yesterday we fought fierce headwinds and crossed into North Dakota! We ate lunch and took shelter in the touristy but cute Medora, home of the cowboy hall of fame as some thunderstorms and heavy rain passed by. We then tested our mental and physical strength by pushing on against the wind to Lake Patterson Rec area near Dickinson where we camped. We did get some pretty neat views of the painted canyons light up by distant lightening on the way. Other than that though it was hilly and draining. Once we got to the campground we met a large group of friends that have been touring a day or so ahead of us for forever. They were very nice and I hope we bump into them again along the way. 
Toady we decided to take it easy after the hard days we have been having. So, after a late breakfast we took our time with the fifty or so miles to Glen Ullin. The sun was out and the wind was still against us but milder and we just enjoyed it. Along the way we stopped for lunch in the cute little town of Hebron. Tonight we met some nice ladies at the pub which is the lone dining establishment in town. We are spending the night in a lovely B&B (The Red Rock Inn) to continue with the theme of the day: pampering ourselves. There are limited towns until we get to Fargo so we are going to have some long days ahead of us. Thus, we are going to get up early tomorrow and as we lost an hour today (we crossed into time zone) I better get to bed.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Wendy and Casey,

    Twisp, Mazama, Hope, on past Cut Bank
    You ladies are doing some serious crank!

    One map, 2nd map, you’re covering some miles
    Through tire flats, headwinds and rain -,you’re still wearing those smiles!

    The photos and the descriptions that you continue to post,
    Are incredible and entertaining as do seem your hosts!

    Milkshakes, pizza, and a rewarding brew.
    All of us are amazed at what you two do!

    Know that we’re praying for your ongoing great ride,
    As you pedal across America side by side.

    In closing, a little poem for u2:

    Heavenly father, be our guide,
    As we climb upon our bikes to ride.

    Let your presence guide our way,
    And keep us safe from harm today.

    Guide us as we follow our track,
    Providing sweet wind that pushes our back.

    May we continuously find ourselves in your warm embrace,
    With your grace, love and sunshine shinning down on our face.

    Keep the clouds and rain at bay,
    And keep us dry throughout the day.

    May you nourish our bodies and give us strength
    As we continuously give you thanks!

    Ride on!