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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Chilling in Twisp

Yesterday was grueling. We went sixty some miles up two passes (Rainy and Washington). It definitely will take some getting used to climbing with all the weight on our bikes. Fortunately, the day was gorgeous and the views were spectacular. The mountains are so much sharper than our familiar ancient Appalachian. After finally making it to Washington, the second pass, we were rewarded with 15 miles of exhilarating downhill into Mazama. We stayed in Mazama with warm shower hosts Jason and Valerie who have an amazing property and generously allowed us the use of their porch and fed us a delicious dinner. 

Today, we decided to take it easy and just meander 20 miles or so to Twisp before conquering the remaining passes. On the way we stopped in Winthrop, a town preserved in it's old Western Glory. After some window shopping and ice cream, we continued to Twisp where restocked on groceries, did some laundry, and set up camp in the backyard of another Warm Showers host, Scott. Now that we are nice and rested we have two days of mountain passes ahead of us. I'm not sure what the cellular service will be like so don't threat if my next update isn't for a few days.

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  1. So glad you are loving the awesome Western Mountains. Beautiful. Keep up the good work girls. Take care.