Trip Route

We will be following the Northern Tier route. To follow our day by day progress click on the trip progress link to the right. On that page is also a link to our cell phone tracking data so you can see exactly where we are.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Still in Montana

Yup, we're still in Montana. We have made considerable progress, however, even though the terrain has been less flat and the tailwinds less strong. Yesterday we battled killer mosquitoes that somehow managed to bite us while we riding. We ended up in an RV park attached to a hotel. While we were basically in a parking lot, we did get to us the hotel pool an hot tub which was a definite plus.
Today we were in a bit of a predicament because we are in the middle of no where and our options were to go 51 miles and end up in a sketchy town or push for 110. We ended up pushing on to Circle. It was a much harder 110 than we had done previously. Hot, humid, and rolling hills. Wendy described it as "up some and down some and up some and down some" which is pretty accurate. We were definitely tired when we rolled into Circle and found the one motel and pizza place in town. Now we are still tired but clean and full so no complaints. It is crazy that today was our 20th day on the road. It really is going by fast- guess we must be having fun!


  1. Wolf Point? Sketchy? I like that place.........

  2. Does 20 days on the road give you official "Road Warrior" status ?

  3. TWENTY days in the saddle! Congrats - You two ROCK!!! We'll hope for better tailwinds and no mosquitos!!!