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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Weather Delay (and no service) in Glacier- Now in Cut Bank

On our "day off" in a Glacier we actually took advantage of a break in a stretch of a bad weather forecast to climb as far we were allowed up the Going to the Sun highway. The road was actually opened to cyclists for a great deal longer than for motorists. It was fantastic to have the road to ourselves and enjoy the views in peace. We then treated ourselves to the fire and dinner at the Lake McDonald Lodge. We were able to make it back to our tent before the rain set in.
The next morning we woke up to the forecasted torrential downpour. We pedaled the 10 miles to West Glacier where we made a hostess frown as we came into her  breakfast joint looking like drowned puppies. After some grub, we stoically faced the rain with all intentions of making it the 50 miles to East Glacier. When we had traveled about 20 miles past West Glacier, however, we were soaked through again and the temperature had dropped to 30 degrees and it. started. snowing. It took all of of will to keep pedaling for a few more miles to an Inn outside of Essex. 
We ended up staying 2 nights at the Inn as the next day (yesterday) was more of the snowy/raining same and the road we had to take was too busy and had too narrow a shoulder for is to feel safe. Also with the weather, we would probably only make it to West Glacier, about 35 miles down the road. So we decided to just have a long day today when the forecast finally looked better.
This morning we left bright and early in a steady cold drizzle to climb Marias pass and cross the continental divide. The pass was easy compared to some of the others we have faced but we were cold by the time we descended into East Glacier. So we found a laundromat and dried our gear while we had lunch. Feeling warm and refreshed and finally enjoying no precipitation we sped down into the plains of Montana. We made good time despite a flat (me again- been having crummy luck) and arrived in Cut Bank at a decent hour after an 83 mile day. Tomorrow when we leave Cut Bank  we will have completed our second map! Very exciting. 

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