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We will be following the Northern Tier route. To follow our day by day progress click on the trip progress link to the right. On that page is also a link to our cell phone tracking data so you can see exactly where we are.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Last Night In Washington

Today was another perfect day for riding. After a restful night at the Bacon Bike Hostel we headed out and over Tiger Pass which was, despite it's name, rather tame compared to the previous passes. We did enjoy the descent which was filled with hairpin turns and pretty views. After the steep descent, we bought some more food in Ione and contained to ride a gentle downhill to Usk where we grabbed some dinner. Feeling refreshed and wanting to take advantage of the lovely weather, we rode farther than planned to just outside of Newport, Washington for a total of 87 miles pedaled today. I We are very close to Idaho and as the route only passes through 67 miles of it we might make it to Montana. Tomorrow we will also finish our first map and reach 500 miles on our total. All of these milestones of course require a celebratory drink as per our touring rules. Since all three are happening on the same day we better find a good bar where we end up tomorrow night. 




  1. Congratulations on your first week! Great blog, Casey, and great photos on trackmytour. Would love if you could post a quote from your Mom - wondering how Wendy's doing! :-)

  2. Greetings to you both. I thought that I would let some go by and for the two of you to get your "bike legs" under you. Remember grizzley bears put on their pants one leg at a time so you have no cause to fear them. Just ride up & pop them in the nose

    Peddle on

  3. This is a test. If this had been an actual emergency you would have been directed - you know the rest. Just trying to get Google Blog to work